Quick Start

Quick Start

Faraday.dev is a chat application for engaging in rich, immersive conversations with AI-powered characters. You can build your own bespoke character, or select one from our community-driven character marketplace (opens in a new tab) for a diverse range of role-playing experiences.

Faraday’s chat engine is powered by large language models (LLMs) that run directly on your personal device's hardware. This local processing ensures complete privacy and prevents any form of 3rd party interference. No one can revoke access to your data, filter your conversations, or change the behavior of your characters.

Get the app


Faraday is available as a desktop application for MacOS Apple Silicon, MacOS Intel, and Windows. You can download the client at https://faraday.dev (opens in a new tab).

Faraday App

Web Browser

The web client can be accessed by signing in to your Faraday account at https://faraday.dev/auth/sign-in (opens in a new tab).

You can access Faraday from any mobile or desktop browser via free mobile tethering or a Faraday Cloud subscription (opens in a new tab).

iOS & Android

(Coming soon...)

Create your first chat

Select a model

Faraday recommends the following models to start:

  • Kunoichi 7B: Good for lower-end devices, and excels at a wide range of tasks. This model is a great starting point for most users.
  • Mythomax-Kimiko 13B: A larger model that is great for more complex role-play conversations. This model is recommended for users with more powerful devices.

Note that both of these models, and most others available on Faraday, are unfiltered. Please use your discretion when evaluating text generated by these models.

Pick a character

For your first experience, we recommend downloading a Character from the Character Hub (opens in a new tab). You can access the Hub from within the app, or in the browser (opens in a new tab).

Start chatting

After downloading your Character, you should be taken to a screen like this:


Type a message and press enter to start chatting!