Text to Speech

Text To Speech

Faraday uses Piper TTS to enable AI-driven text to speech voices. This allows you to give unique voices to your AI Characters.


Text to speech runs locally on your computer's CPU. It works out of the box on Windows and Mac without any additional setup.

Simply head to the Advanced Settings for a new or existing AI Character and select the voice you want to use.



Voice Preset

You can choose between 3 male, and 3 female voices for your Character. We will support many more voices in the future.

Speech Rate

Controls the rate of speech.


When enabled, your AI Charater will automatically start speaking after each response completes generation. When disabled, you will need to click the play button to hear the speech.

Speech Input Filter

This option allows you to selectively filter out certain sequences of words from the speech output. This is useful if you use a particular format for roleplay chatting. For example, if you use asterisks to denote actions, you can filter them out of the speech output.